Summer Surf Camp 2022

Week # 1, (MAKIA) June 13-16


Week # 2, (RIPOCHEE) July 18-21

Week# 3, (KOA BEAR) Aug 8-11

During the summer months is always a good time to learn surfing. So Having the Vibe to want to learn to surf is important. Our Makia Camp in JUNE is goal oriented in accomplishing things in surfing that you never had before. The Ripochee Camp in JULY of course is all about shreddingggg! And KOA the Hawaiian word meaning Brave, Is all about mindset, So KOA BEAR Camp is going to be super beneficial. For info please send an email to

To Register for Surf Camp 2022,


Step 1 =Call 707-357-1042

Step 2 =Pay $475.00 

Step 3 =Parent or Legal Guardian must sign a 

Liability release form.



-The Scheduled Surf Camps are relative to day camps. 


The Surf School provides the surfboards, and we also offer wetsuits for an extra 10 dollars per day rented to you for four days in a row.