Surf Camp 4 Millennials! 

         Becuase you are 100% worth investment!


 We are hosting a Young Adult Surf Camp in Mendocino, Ca. AKA "The Lost Coast." A place of privacy and beauty. If you are one of those "Work hard and Play hard" type of personalities, or just have always wanted a chance to learn surfing on a whole new Level with friendly people, this camp is for you! In our modern society today so many people work 9-5 jobs with not enough time to invest in themselves. Psychologists have proven that when adults are in controlled activity environments, they, become happier, healthier, and also; believe it or not, younger! The fountain of youth is in enjoying nature and doing consistent activities that keep you plugged into the natural world. Here in Mendocino, we can offer you an experience of peace and tranquility as you grow to learn about the ocean through surfing. We have the best geographic location to learn to surf in California. With uncrowded waves and the best surf instructor in California. I can guarantee that you will enjoy this experience. If this sounds like an experience, you would like to have? Check our Schedule to see if any available dates work for you.