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Surf Lessons

We give more personable training and higher quality  surf lessons.

We  have the goal to make you become a great surfer.


Private Surf Lesson 

The private surf lesson is best for someone who is a beginner  This lesson works for   intermediate and advanced surfers too, as long as they notify us on there experience and let us know what they need to learn to improve their Surfing.

Each one of these activities Includes

  • 1 hour of instruction in Ocean and 30-45 minutes on beach.

  • Wetsuit and Surfboard rental 

  • Surf Basics, instruction/education

Group Lessons, 15 to 125 years of age.
 The group lessons are good for ages relatively close to each other.  However any age groups can be tossed in the lesson.
 Youth Surf Lesson, 7 to 14 years of age.
Youth Surf lessons or handled with more care as to height and weight of Child. For example 7-10 year olds must be scheduled to surf smaller waves, and must know how to swim really well. We recamend that you contact us before scheduling online for 7-10 year olds.

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