Get Stoked on Surfing

Sep 2020

Time to get stoked! Think about how fortunate we are to have surfing! Surfing first came by ancient Polynesians and was brought to California by Hawaiian princes. Since then, many have learned and mastered the art of surfing, and have reaped all of its amazing benefits!

When you surf, you are doing countless things that improve both your physical and mental health. That’s right! Surfing is not only good for the body, but the mind! Our brains love surfing and reward us with endorphin releases of dopamine and serotonin, which is why you always see surfers being happy. Surfing causes you to develop a positive mindset on life and its meaning, leading you to a happier and fuller life. Surfing is also a fantastic way to exercise your entire body as it requires every single muscle to work symphonically together to execute the skills and techniques needed to properly surf. And not to mention, it’s loads of fun!

Also, the ocean holds magical healing properties. The natural salt found in the ocean water is both an antiseptic and a preservative, meaning the water you’re constantly surrounding yourself in while you surf is life-giving and antibacterial!

Surfing is a gift that keeps giving. Every time you go, you learn something new. No matter how long you’ve been surfing, whether it be your first day or your twenty-fifth year, surfing is a timeless craft that only gets better the more you do it.

Personally, I have been surfing for the span of twenty-five years of my life. I grew up surfing in Northern California AKA “The Lost Coast” and have traveled to the geographic locations of Costa Rica, Hawaii, and Baja, Mexico. All of these great surfing spots have one thing in common: the Pacific Ocean! The power of the Pacific Ocean is

not something to take lightly, as it is the largest ocean in the world and is the best one for waves, and there's no surprise why. This ocean develops massive storms that create swells and when these swells reach a sandbar or reef, we are gifted from the Surf Gods a magical and powerful wave to surf. To be able to ride a wave when it has traveled thousands of miles to reach you is a special and sacred thing.

Overall, surfing makes you happy and healthy. The magic from the ocean keeps you calm and patient as well as encourages you to live the best way you can. Surfing is incredibly fun and the positive effects you receive from it resonate with you for the rest of your life.

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